Masala Ministries is commited to educating Westerners who have a heart to share the love of Yesu Masih but are intimidated by the cultural differences between the East and the West.

Masala Ministry seminars are designed to provide insight into the culture, traditions and  beliefs of Sikhs and Hindus as well as how to communicate the love of Yesu in a way that is relevant. Everyone has a "dhil ki khani" (story from the heart) to share with someone; what's yours?

We love India and our goal is that you will too by the time you go home! Masala seminars are fun, interactive!  These are some of the comments from a 2008 seminar at Compass Point Bible Church in Burlington Ontario:


"This has been so practical and eye opening."

"I think it is essential that we know this info as Christians."

"I think I learned as much as my brain can absorb for now."

"I came with no expectations and left really challenged to know more."

".....I had no idea it would be this interesting!"


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