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Dil Ki Kahani
Stories From the Heart
June 01, 2012
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 Masala Ministries is a community of South Asians and Westerners, who follow the teachings of Yesu Masih and are motivated by His love to share Yesu with others. Masala Ministries also seeks to awaken an awareness and compassion in churches so they too can understand the love Yesu Masih has for Hindus and Sikhs, and how they  can most effectively communicate His message to others.



Raj Sandhu

Reverend Raj Sandhu, Executive Director of Masala Ministries, was raised in a staunchly Sikh home in Kenya.  During his early years his mother became a follower of Yesu Masih under the ministry of Billy Graham.

At first Raj found it difficult to reconcile the ‘white man’s religion’ and his own faith.  Finally, one evening he came to the realization of Yesu's personal love for him and committed his life to following Him. Since then, Raj has been in the ministry 27 years and today is the Pastor of Meadow Creek Community Church, an AGC church plant in Ancaster, Ontario.

Pastor Raj’s heart has been moved by the rapidly changing picture of Canada.  As a response to the new face of Canada, Raj founded Masala Ministries in 1997.  

Raj is married to Damini, a pharmacist, and has 2 children, Priya and Sameer.




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